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New Major Findings

03 JUN 04: I finally was able to borrow the book "Saltmarsh - A Personal Narrative with Genealogical Gleanings" by Elizabeth Saltmarsh Harris. This is an excellently researched book, and because of this, the line of Tevis Saltmarsh and Ira Carmen Saltmarsh have finally been tied into the main line. Other smaller details have also been added.

03 JUN 04: There was another Saltmarsh in America as early as 1732. William Saltmarsh, married to Sarah, had a daughter baptised in Marblehead Mass. in 1732.

02 SEP 02: Thomas was likely descended through the Yorkshire family with the rudder as a crest. An entry in "Burke's Landed Gentry" states that a Thomas Saltmarshe of Hull (son of Edward Saltmarshe and Julian Pole), who lived sometime in the 15th and/or 16th centuries, was an ancestor of an American Saltmarshe family. This would probably refer to Thomas' family, as John's (from Michigan) had barely got started and was not that numerous at the time this book was written. Although far from conclusive, this suggests a line of inquiry into the original American Saltmarsh history. The source information for this is believed to be from Philip Saltmarshe, who submitted to the College of Arms an application for use of this particular Coat of Arms, so further information might be found in his work. In particular, there are some limited copies of his work, which I'm currently trying to hunt down.

04 FEB 02: The book "Suffolk Names" (Suffolk County, Massachusetts) by Bowditch, there is this puzzling entry "Mr Mountain wrote in 1800; Mr. Saltmarshe, in 1639." There are no references to what he wrote but apparently we might assume he was in Suffolk Co. at the time. If this is true, this is amazing since no one has picked up on this yet. On the other hand, it is doubtful that he had any descendants to speak of, since none of these mysteriously open up.

05 OCT 01: Another big update after going through a lot of the census records, notably the 1850-1870 records, finishing AL in 1880, and about half of the 1900 census.

12 JUL 01: There is a significant update to the database, especially along the New England Saltmarsh's following almost a week in the Family History Center.

12 JUL 01: There's more lines than I thought. After spending a lot of time in the local Family History Center, the Alexander Saltmarsh buried in L.A. National Cemetery was foreign-born. There's also a Jessie Saltmarsh from CA, a George Saltmarsh from NH, and an R.Saltmarshe from Oregon who were born in England.

23 JUN 01: Well, not new, but I keep forgetting to post this. Frequently I find references to an Anna Saltmarsh married to Jacob Noyes. This is an error. Her name was actually Anna Whitmarsh. I can't remember the source material for this but if I find it I'll post it.

28 APR 01: Many thanks to Judy Saltmarsh Dickey, who provided an immense amount of information on the descendents of Edward Frances Saltmarsh[6] (Alonzo[5], Hazen[4], Edward Abbott[3], Thomas[2], Thomas[1]).

18 APR 01: Another major update down the line of William Saltmarsh and Esther Olmstead, especially along the lines of Lyman, Sylvester, and Elijah. A few lines were tied in, many dates have been filled in, and more descendants were added. This follows a trip up to the Lebanon (Oregon) Genealogical Society where I have barely scratched the surface of the information there. If you have any interest in this line, be sure to recheck the files here.

25 FEB 01: Not necessarily major, but a major update. I've gone through the LDS online ancestral files and pieced together a number of missing links. You may want to check to see if information on your subject(s) of interest has changed.

18 FEB 01: I've now confirmed there are two major Saltmarsh lines in North America. John Saltmarsh, born on August 21, 1815, emigrated from England to Michigan in 1848. He did have children, and I've found information down three generations. Hopefully I can pusue this line further.

04 FEB 01: Dave McCallister was kind enough to give me his Saltmarsh information, which provided additional information along the William Saltmarsh/Esther Olmstead line (too numerous to list).

14 JAN 01: Made a good deal of progress with the Oregon Saltmarsh's. Some individuals were connected, and a good number of individuals were added, mostly those who died at a yound age. Two tragic situations were found. Joseph Bolivar Saltmarsh and Mary Ellen Klum had 11 children. Only 1 survived to adulthood. She died the same year as their last child was born. Perhaps this was during childbirth. Arthur Vance Saltmarsh and Elvira Lee lost three children on February 5, 1879. The reason is unknown. I've ordered a copy of "Lebanon Pioneer Cemetary" which supposedly contains a good deal of information about the people buried there. Two of their other children also died before adulthood.


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