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Letter: March 2, 1892: Frank Nehemiah Saltmarsh to Harriet Amanda Saltmarsh

Written: March 2, 1892, Hanover, New Hampshire. Frank was attending Dartmouth College at the time.

Mailed from: Hanover, New Hampshire. Cannot read date.

Received in: Concord, New Hampshire, March 3, 1892, 8 AM.

Addressed to: Miss Hattie A. Saltmarsh, Concord, NH, Box 547. Frank was the youngest in the family, Hattie was his next oldest sibling.

Text (text in parentheses is questionable):

Hanover N.H. Mar. 2 1892

Dear Folks at Home:

It seems quite a while since I heard from you. I don't know whether it is your turn or mine to write so will fix things up that you can't say I am the one who is owing the letter. I have not got very much of interest to write this time. Everything here in Hanover is going on in the same old way without any (jars) or breaks to speak of. There is not very much snow here. Some go with wagons and some with sleighs. I wonder how it is down your way? How is the timber business progressing these days? And how are you getting along without having Sis at home 1? If Sis and George2 are both alive when you write you might mention it. They have not either of them written to me or I to them since I came back this term. I am well and am geting along first-rate. I am doing considerable work this term but I like it better than any term's work I have had yet. We commenced studying astronomy yesterday and I think it is going to be very interesting. I wonder if father has got any money yet to pay Baker on my clothes? It is time to pay that now and I wish you would let me know what he can do about it. I heard while ago that Earle Morgan's wife had left him for Lyme (Parmer), do you know whether that is so or not? Do you realize how fast the time is passing. This term is over half done and it will not be any time before I shall be at home and time to start back up here again. I begin to feel now as though I was getting about through college. I shall expect to get a letter from you soon.

Yours truly,



1Certainly Martha Alice Saltmarsh. She was living with an uncle in 1900. She never married.

2George Abbott Saltmarsh, Frank's brother, was married almost 2 years earlier. He also attended Dartmouth, getting his degree in 1884. He had been in the Boston area since then.


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