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Letter: December 12, 1888: George A. Saltmarsh to Harriet Emeline Robertson Saltmarsh

Written: December 12, 1888, Boston, Massachusetts.

Mailed from: Boston, Massachusetts. December 13, 1888, 10 AM.

Received in: Concord, New Hampshire, December 13, 1888, 4 PM.

Addressed to: Mrs. Gilman Saltmarsh, Concord, NH, Box 547. This is Harriet. George is her son.

Text (text in parentheses is questionable, text in brackets are my comments):

George A. Saltmarsh,
Attorney at Law,
Rooms 60 and 61 Chadwick Building,
5 Tremont Street.

Boston, Dec 12, 1888

Dear Mother,

I have been wondering how you got (over) the other Friday night. Well I hope. There were some expenses that I told Frank1 I would pay but forgot to say any thing about them before I left. I will pay any time. I presume I shall go to Concord in a week or two again and will pay up. If that isn't soon enough I will pay sonner. I have been flourishing as usual since I saw you. I am thinking of making a deal in real estate so as to exchange my Haverhill houses for quite an elegant place in Malden2. The place cost the present-owners twelve thousand dollars I understand but of course I don't pay that. Perhaps you would like to come down and live with me after I move into it (if I do)3. I do not think I have much of interest to write. I hope you will write soon and tell me the news.

Yours ever true,

Geo. A. Saltmarsh


1Frank Nehemiah Saltmarsh, who was presumably in Dartmouth College at the time.

2He was living in Everett in 1889, and moved to Boston in 1890.

3An interesting comment since his father lived until 1911.


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