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Letter: July 11, 1888: Harriet A. Saltmarsh (presumed) to Harriet Emeline Robertson Saltmarsh

Written: July 11, 1888, presumably Concord, New Hampshire

Mailed from: Concord, New Hampshire. July 12, 1888.

Received in: No postmark.

Addressed to: Mrs. Gilman Saltmarsh, City, Box 547. This is Harriet E. Harriet A. is her daughter.

Text (text in parentheses is questionable, text in brackets are my comments):

July 11-88

Dear Mother: I have nothing more to do this evening so will write a few workds to you. Are you feeling any better than when I came. Is Aunt M.1 there now and has she heard from that doctor yet. I have been to the city this afternoon with Albert2. We started right after dinner3 and did not get home until about seven o'clock. He expected that case of Miah's4 would be tried again today, and thought that perhaps they would want him to go down. They were going to send him a telegram if the needed him. I went to drive the team home but he did not have to go. Mrs. Morrill came yesterday with her nurse and three children. Suppose the doctor will come before long and stay a week or two. Has Frank5 got any more members of his (Menury Memory) Class. Albert2 wrote to someone a few days ago to see if they wanted to take it, but guess he has not heard from them yet. He asked Franks address so perhaps he wrote to him at the same time. I stayed at Amanda's6 two or three hours this afternoon. They had invited company to supper but only two or three had got there when I came away. The Baker Memorial Sunday School have a picnic tomorrow in the grove at this end of the pond so the girls7 said they would be up to see us. Well, I am so sleepy I can't write any thing straight so will give it up and go to bed. yf___

[written in the margins:]



1Most likely Martha Robertson, Harriet E.'s sister. See her letter from April.

2Likely Albert H. Saltmarsh, Harriet A.'s uncle, and Harriet E.'s brother-in-law. He lived out on Long Pond Rd. in Concord, on the west shore of Long Pond (now Penacook Lake), about 3-4 miles from downtown.

3Be aware that in New England, dinner is the mid-day meal, whereas supper is the evening meal. So they would have left sometime in the early afternoon.

4Likely Nehemiah Saltmarsh, her uncle. See George's letter of June 1 for some discussion of the law suit.

5Frank Nehemiah Saltmarsh, who was presumably in Dartmouth College at the time.

6Probably Amanda Saltmarsh Jones, Harriet A.'s aunt. She and her family lived on Essex St. in the downtown Concord area in 1878.

7Luther and Amanda (Saltmarsh) Jones had two known children, both girls, one about 18 and the other about 16, so this may be referring to them.



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