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Letter: June 1, 1888: George A. Saltmarsh to Harriet Emeline Robertson Saltmarsh

Written: June 1, 1888, Boston, Massachusetts.

Mailed from: Boston, Massachusetts. June 1, 12:30 PM.

Received in: Concord, New Hampshire, June 1, 6 PM.

Addressed to: Mrs. Gilman Saltmarsh, Concord, NH, Box 547. This is Harriet. George is her son.

Text (text in parentheses is questionable, text in brackets are my comments):

George A. Saltmarsh,
Attorney at Law,
Rooms 60 and 61 Chadwick Building,
5 Tremont Street.

Boston, June 1, 1888

Dear Mother,

I received your letter some days ago and have intended for several days to write to you but have been so busy that I haven't seen time. Memorial day was (no) holiday with me but I improved it to such an extent that I didn't have much spare time. In the morning I went to a memorial service at one of the Back Bay churches (contrary to my custom) and in the P.M. I went out riding with a young lady friend of mine. Had an elegant time of course. I met your East Boston friends also out riding but didn't stop to speak to them. I drove out through Woodlawn cemetery1 and then down to Revere Beach. I wish you could be down here. I would like to take you around. It is very fine about here now but I suppose not more so than in New Hampshire. Business is good and I know of no reason why I should not be tolerably happy. I have tried to get Uncle N.2 to set his figures on his whole claim in Bow but have not yet succeeded. He wants me to take the hill field off his hands but I do not think that is so good an investment as the other. I expect to be up before long and will see if I can get any terms before then. I shall see N. the first of next week. I had a letter from Alice3 a day or two ago in which she said she had been down to your house and didn't find you very well. I hope you are better. I think I know of a much better tonic than Hoods Sarsaparilla and will get some of it if you like. I have taken part of a bottle of it to brase myself up and think it has done wonders. It is not a patent medicene either. If you have a bottle of Hoods unopened I will take it and exchange it for some of the other. My remedy is prepared I think by a reliable physician and will do you good if any tonic will. I have looked at the advertisements for (summer? sum me?) board pretty regular but have not struck anything yet. I do not think you ought to have any boarders for the reason that I think it is too hard for you to to the work but if I find any I will let you know and if you wish will put an advertisement in the Herald. Please write to me soon and not wait as long as I have. I am bringing a suit for Nehemiah4 in Haverhill against his partners which has made me considerable work for a few days. I expect to try a case for him there next Wednesday also. I expect also to have a suit against another of my fathers relatives5 for the collection of a note but you must not mention it as I shall do it through a friend of mine in Haverhill I think and if so shall not make my connection with the case known. The wife of the party who owes this note called to see me when in Boston a short time ago. The note I refer to is held by a man here who used to be in Concord. Perhaps I have mentioned the case to you. Write soon.

Yours ever (true truly),

Geo. A. Saltmarsh


1In Everett, Mass, about 1.5 miles from Revere Beach. George was living in Everett in 1889.

2Likely Nehemiah Saltmarsh, although his last known residence was in Newport, RI, in 1870. He died in Boston in 1896, according to NH death records.

3Likely Martha Alice Saltmarsh, George's sister.

4Nehemiah Saltmarsh.

5It is not known who this might be.


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