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Letter: April 23, 1888: Martha M. Robertson to Harriet Emeline Robertson Saltmarsh

Written: April 23, 1888, Littleton, Massachusetts. Martha is Harriet's sister.

Mailed from: Littleton, Massachusetts. April 24, 1888.

Received in: Concord, New Hampshire, April 24, 1888, 11 AM.

Addressed to: Mrs. Gilman Saltmarsh, Concord, NH, Box 547. This is Harriet.

Text (text in parentheses is questionable, text in brackets are my comments):

Littleton Apr 23rd 1888

Dear Sister

I suppose you think it is about time for me to write in answer to your kind letter which I rec'vd in due time and was very glad to hear from you. It is 4 weeks today since I left home. The air agrees with me here and I am feeling stronger and better than when I left home. I have not had any of those attacks such as I had a few weeks ago + hope I never shall again. I have been to E Copp's grave 4 times. I made a wreath of evergreen + put on her grave. I am about as near the Cemetery as you are to (Mays). I wish Hattie1 would make some + put them on our dear Mother's2 grave. The streets are dry and dusty here. How is it there, is the snow gone. I saw by the paper that Mr. Russell was going to move into L Ordways house + Mrs. Dow wrote that he was going to stay another year. Was it Zeke Willey's house that Alex bought has Leighton moved yet. I can't think what I want to write for Mrs. Emery keeps calling me. She has been pretty comfortable most of the time but she has bad spells + she does not seem just right a little out by spells. She is teasing me to get her up but I think she has not been up in a chair since last fall. Mrs. Houghton is lying down. Have you heard from any of our friends. There is a woman in the place that came from Parrishville. She knows the Newells there. Said Melvin said Melvin came on last fall + was Married and went back. Her name is (Furl) [in pencil is "that is her" written above]. We had a snow storm 21st did you have one. I am glad Frank3 had a vacation. Hope he has got rested. Is there much snow? Has the river4 broken up. I can't tell anything about how it is there. I want you to write all the news. Has Mrs. Baker been over. Have you had any company since I left home. Have you been down to Uncle Gilman's5 yet. Isn't it very cold here + has been all the time. Hattie have you got your rug done. Wish I could step in + see you. The time is nearing for me to go back if I go to Hopkinton. Wish I knew when they want me to go. Think I shall write to the Dr. next week to know about it. I want to call + see Br George6 if I can. I think I shall write to him + if they answer it and will meet me I may call on them. Have you heard anything from them. Has George been home since I came away. How is Frankie7 getting along. It must be bad going and he must have a hard time to go and recite. Mrs. Dow wrote that Mr. Upton was dead. Did you ever call to see him or Gilman. Did you go to the funerel. Please give my love to Mrs. U if you see her + Mr. Abbotts Mother was dead. Don't tell anyone that Mrs. E is out not even Mrs. E. Dow for I don't think Mrs. Houghton would want anyone to know she is more so when she first wakes up. She runs a noition that Carrie is going away to leave her since I came. Says she likes me but wants Carrie to take care of her. We get along very well. I have called on some of the neighbors. They seem very pleasant. Has Alice been home. I wish she would write to me. Give my love to her. How is Mrs. Chase. Is she going back to H. There was two old ladys buried last week. Now I must close. Please write very soon + tell Hattie + Frank8 to write direct to Box 33. Please write all the news. Will close with lots of love to you all. This from your Affec. Sister.

Martha M. Robertson

Mrs. Emery says give my love to your sister + tell her that the sick woman sends it to your for my kindness to her. She calls me she calls me once in two minutes. Carrie has laid down. She want me to send her love to E + A Dow.

[Penciled in the margins]

23d. I recvd a letter from Miriam. They are all well but Joseph. He has a very bad cold. She has 3 new dresses. Sent me a piece of each. If you go to Joneses you ask if Dr. Powers comes there + if he has said anything about going to H. I dont' know whether he got my letter or not. If I go there I shall have to go home one week before going.


1Likely Harriet's daughter Harriet Amanda Saltmarsh. She was 25 years old at the time. 

2It is not known Harriet Lawrence Robertson died, except that is was after 1849.

3Possibly Harriet's son Frank Nehemiah Saltmarsh. He was 18 years old at the time. This could also be one of Martha and Harriet's relations, though.

4The Merrimack River, the main river running through the Bow area, and not far from where Gilbert and Harriet were probably living at the time.

5Harriet's husband's uncle Gilman Saltmarsh.

6Br is probably Brother, as in Harriet's and Martha's brother.

7Possibly Harriet's son Frank Nehemiah Saltmarsh. He was 18 years old at the time. This could be a friend or relation too. It is not clear from the context, but Frank was going to Dartmouth College soon.

8 Harriet's children Frank Nehemiah Saltmarsh and Harriet Amanda Saltmarsh.


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