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Letter: March 27, 1888: Martha M. Robertson to Harriet Emeline Robertson Saltmarsh

Written: March 27, 1888, Littleton, Massachusetts. Martha is Harriet's sister. Harriet is the wife of Gilman Saltmarsh.

Mailed from: No envelope

Received in: No envelope

Addressed to: No envelope.

Text (text in parentheses is questionable, text in brackets are my comments):

No. P O Box 33

Littleton Mass March 27-88

Dear Sister

Will write a line to inform you that I had a pleasant Journey and arrived safely to Mrs. Houghtons house 10 mnt past one PM + she was overjoyed to see me for she had not got word that I would come. I had no trouble changeing cars. I had company from Hooksett to Manchester (Trendall Frendall) she was going to visit her daughter + she told me about Mrs Bailey her sister how she was taken sick she was very much the same as I was + they called it a Bilious attack but she thinks that the Dr did not understand her case it was 3 weeks after haveing the first spell that she died that morning. She dressed her put on her boots + went out and at 8 A.M. she was a corpse. I told her how I was, and she said she should think I should be afraid to go away alone for I would have one of those spells + die. Then again when changing cars at Nashua I inquired of a lady in the Depot about the car to go to Ayer. She told me then said wait a little and she would go with me as she was going on that train to Hollis so we got in + I asked her if she knew Than Truell. Said she did and that they were at her house visiting not long ago+ they were well + Miriam Shipley to. It was Mrs. Ben Farley think I had seen her when there sometimes so the time passed pleasantly + quickly. Was very few passengers in the cars until I changed for L. so I had plenty of room but was glad I took my trunk. It was so much wasier for me + I need it here. Mr. Dow got my Ticket + got my baggage checked to Ayer. I had to get it rechecked to Ayer but I had no trouble at all. Bagage man took my check + found my trunk when I got to L. the (packman) was at the door. If I had to go in + open (reichle) it would been very bad for it snowed very hard. Commenced before I got to N. If you could been in sight when I got to the door you would thought Mrs. H. was meeting some great friend. She did not get Mrs. D letter until after I got here + she was afriad I would not come + the old lady was pleased to see me. They told her that my Grandmother missed her husband Isaac Dow + she thinks I am Morther Daniels wife. She seems to rejoice that I have come + so pleased that I came yesterday because it has been rainy + (thaws) today. How is it up there. I want you to tell me when you write. I called to see Mrs. Dow in a few minutes. I like well so far haveing a very cordial reception makes one feel better. Said she wanted me because they thought so much of me to Mr Dow. They do not appear much like Mrs W I can't tell how it will be in the future but think I shall get along all right. The old lady lies very comfortable and seems very pleasant + happy. They do not get her up at all. Mrs. H is as large as L. T. I thank you very much for the lunch you gave me. I ate it in Manchester + it helped me very much to bear my journey. I forgto to give you the cushion pattern but it is pinned on an almanac by the glass. The Wrapper pattern look in my closet at the right + see if it is not there. Sorry, I forgot to get them. Please direct my letters to Littleton Mass in care of Mrs. L. C. Houghton + they will be brought to me. Hattie will you please put the curtains down in my room + darken it. I forgot my tooth brush on the window. Will you please put it in my room. Frank did you have a good visit to (Ellices) + how did you find her in bodily health. Hope she is better and how did you succeed in your Mission. Did you get up there before it stormed + did you get home Tuesday today now I must close. Please write. From your Affect(ing) Friend + well wishes. M. M. Robertson. With love to all.

[in margin]
Well I have written you a long letter so soon and you must answer soon. Mrs. H has plenty of pickels + (petily) so I shall enjoy them + she has rolled wheat + otas and that suits me + other thing I will not mention. Be sure + take care of yourselves so to not be sick. Has the (team beans) been to help Gilman.


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