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Letter: January 27, 1884, Lillie Jane Saltmarsh to Clara Lee

Written: January 27, 1884, Sterlingville, Oregon

Mailed from: No envelope

Received in: No envelope

Addressed to: No envelope. Lillie's uncle Arthur Saltmarsh was married to Elvira Lee, whose niece is Clara Lee.

Letter courtesy of: Cheryl Don

Text (text in parentheses is questionable, text in brackets are my comments):

Sterlingville Oregon
Jan 27th, 1884

Ms. Clara Lee
Canby, Ogn

My Dear Clarrie,

Your most kind letter of Jan. 10th (received) in due time and was gladly rec'd by your fat friend Lillie "and don't you forget it."

Yes, Clarrie, I can ?? ?? (once) with both of the ?? (Bellingson's)(Bellinger's) but (sweet) Jas had to (stay)(stop) home (poor) (Jason?) little fellow, (how) I would (like) to see him;

I hardly know what to write unless I tell you about holidays. Well on Christmas (cousin Eda?) (and) Bill (Haskins) Cousin Elias Rifner & Hattie (Gilson) & Lilla Salt & John Haskins all went to get together to a large Ball at Phoenix Christmas night had a nice time but it was most to crowded danced 8 & 9 sets all night - could of danced about 14 set I guess if there had been enough (room) there were 90 tickets sold & New Years I was at a party on poor ?? creek about 6 miles from here went with my Cousin Chas he was one of the musicians I just (mashed) around, had the best time I ever had to (a) dance in my life & you know that must be pretty good all though I could of had a ("pettes") if Jon West had been there.

Well, Clarrie I didn't fare very well for presents - I only got a real nice flowered blue silk tie it cost a dollar.

Clarrie I have a comb case made out of my shells it is awful pretty & I told my Cousin Chas (Rifner) ?? that when I got married he must get me a wire brush & comb for my comb case. I was just jokeing so yesterday he went to town & came home & had four letter for me & a nice brush & comb you bet I was pleased so you see I am getting ready to go West.

Clarrie I am smarter with my quilt than you are for I pieced all of mine in 1 week or two after I got home. I had to mix mine two, every body thinks it is awful pretty. I will send you my comb case pattern in my next letter if you wish me to. I made me a nice hair pin case this last week out of card board it is real (nice) in my mind. I don't know how "Willie" gets a long since we left nor I don't give a "gosh darn". "It will be a damp cold day when I inquire about him & don't you forget it." Oh; yes I allmost forgot. The other night Gertie (Haskins) staid all night with me & we dressed up in some old clothes of Brothers Ed's & Simon's and (took) a (coal?) and made whiskers & took old hats & (had) some dirty hand kerchiefs and tied round our necks & went down to Uncle (Vose's)(Veser?) and had "blendy" we had on some boots that ?? were so large we could scarcely walk at all & it was dark too but we just went along crossing (every?) friends we had more fin than a little you bet. They said I looked like brother Bird, by the way he is down in the Williamette Valley now he will come home pretty soon he said he made a solid (mash) on Sula (Headly)(Heealy) & Nora said Sula thought considerable of him too. I am glad of it for I like Lula(Sula) real well dont you? and ?? like her brother (Frank) "pretty well" @ all so.

Well Clarrie I guess I will have to close for this time for I have to write to my fellow ?? (day)(doy) please excuse poor writing and idiotic mistakes. I remain for ever your friend. Lillie.


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