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Letter: July 29, 1870, Nehemiah Saltmarsh to Gilman Saltmarsh

Written: July 29, 1870, Newport, Rhode Island.

Mailed from: Newport, Rhode Island, July 30..

Received in: No postmark

Addressed to: Mr. Gilman Saltmarsh, Concord, NH, Box 716. Gilman is Nehemiah's older brother.

Text (text in parentheses is questionable, text in brackets are my comments):

Newport R.I.
July 28, 70

Dear Brother,

It is late in the evening but I will write you a line before I go to bed.

I received the letter that Emeline1 wrote and was glad to here from you. My business2 here is improving though I cannot tell what I may do here yet. I think of comming up in Pigeon time. I suppose you have hated the stands at high street3. I think I shall come up if I do not stay only a short time when you are (happicking) when the Pigeons are the thickest, and I want you to have a good (Cade, leade) ready for me, you know that you and I cannot get a living in this world if it wasn't for the proffit we make on Pigeons4. I would like to have you write me the news. I will (not) (????) to write more (sooner).

Nehemiah Saltmarsh


1Gilman's wife is Harriet Emeline Robertson Saltmarsh. She is normally known by Hattie, though. Gilman has a sister named Emeline, but she was in Haverhill, Mass. in 1874. It's not clear at this time where she was in 1870.

2According to the 1870 census, Nehemiah was making concrete, and what looked to be sidewalks.

3Probably High Street in Concord. There is currently no High Street in Bow. High Street in Concord was then at the outskirts, and Nehemiah and Gilman had cousins who owned land in the area near High and Franklin St.

4I find this an interesting comment, since both of Gilman's sons went to Dartmouth College.


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