Saltmarsh Genealogy

How to Contribute

Just information - no money!

My goal is to account for all Saltmarsh's in North America. Because all I can access are public records, information already on the internet, and published books, I cannot complete this task without other's help. I would be extremely grateful if you can add information that I don't currently have.


Genealogy involves the collection of information about a person, and some of this can be sensitive concerning living persons, mainly birthdates. Some people may be uncomfortable giving such information to someone they don't really know, and I respect that. I can assure you, however, that all information on living persons (and those not known to be dead but still of a livable age) is kept private on the internet as well as from other individuals. There is no non-privatized information loaded onto the internet, so there is nothing that can be hacked. The actual file I use is on a computer behind a secured firewall. If you could share this information with me, it would help tremendously in keeping individuals straight in my research. Again, if you choose not to, and could at least supply names, I would be most appreciative.

Family Information

Which Individuals I'm Interested In

I am interested in Saltmarsh's and their children, their spouses and their spouses' parents. So for each Saltmarsh name you know of, I would like the above information for each. So, for example, if you're Jane Saltmarsh, I would be interested in your parents, your spouse's parents and your children. Likewise, I would want information on your father (who is a Saltmarsh), his spouse and her parents, and their children. This could extend to your paternal grandfather (a Saltmarsh) his spouse and her parents, and their children. Basically you could go back as far as you wanted. I would also like information on each of your siblings' spouses and children, and the spouses' parents. Likewise for any grandchildren you or your siblings you might have.

If you don't have information on certain members of your family, don't worry about it. Just send in what you can!


You can download an Adobe Acrobat version of a sheet you can fill in for each family you know of, and then you can mail it to:

Mike Saltmarsh
297 Bean Rd.
Warner, NH 03278

or you can scan it and email it to Feel free to just drop me an email with the information in any form you like.


If you have a photo of a Saltmarsh (with their spouse is great, too), I would love to add it to the site. You can scan it and email it to the address shown above, or if you're feeling espcially trustful, you can mail it to me, I'll scan it and return it promptly. A photocopy is absolutely great, too. I'm told Walgreens and Wal-Mart have photograph copiers available.


Please send any comments, questions, and suggestions to Mike Saltmarsh
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